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Biztech is an IT managed service provider delivering solutions for business growth and success. We manage the technology so you can focus on achieving success


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Our Journey

How We Began


Biztech got its start in 2000 when a couple of computer repair guys got the opportunity to overhaul the network infrastructure of a local gym. This was a groundbreaking project at the time that allowed them to flex their technical prowess and marked a strategic pivot towards offering specialized, business-oriented technology services. Founded on principles of innovation, reliability, and customization, Biztech has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and forging a path as leaders in the technology service industry.

Biztech’s tech support model has evolved with the times and now offers clients Managed Service Provider (MSP) and break-fix structures, or a hybrid model when appropriate. We offer clients scaled Information Technology (IT) service that fits their unique business needs. Whether you need a comprehensive IT department that handles everything from procurement to end-user training at your service or just need periodic maintenance and someone to call when things go wrong, we’re here for you. The one thing that remains consistent is our dedication to exceptional customer service.

 Our clientele spans diverse sectors, including retail and public and private professional offices. We’ve built strong relationships with manufacturing clients due to our competence with handling computerized machinery. We take pride in our versatile skill set.

Our toolbox is extensive, and we’re always adding to it. We are the leader in computer networking expertise and wireless technologies, and are at the forefront of AI implementation strategies. Our solutions include comprehensive network management, fiber optic connections, robust cybersecurity including network security, and cloud services. Our team is proficient in managing complex networks and providing comprehensive tech support.

Emphasizing excellence in service quality, our office culture revolves around continual learning, teamwork, and evidence-based decision-making. Our client relationships are fundamental to our business and fostering trust is imperative when managing sensitive information like HR data and proprietary systems. While we prioritize proactive solutions to meet businesses’ needs, our ability to swiftly troubleshoot and resolve issues, often in high stress, deadline critical environments, underscores our commitment to unparalleled service and technical acumen. Biztech’s success relies on customer satisfaction and our focus on delivering value.

Under the leadership of industry expert Jason Woods, we’ve carved a niche in delivering IT support that scales with your business needs. Our mission is to drive growth and efficiency, ensuring your technology infrastructure is not just a support system, but a strategic asset. Our business is dedicated to empowering your business.


The Biztech Difference

Your business is unique in their use of technology. Biztech enables users with tools, applications, and needs. This sums up the work we do each day.

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