Server(s) Upgraded at Central Valley Industrial Plant

  • Upgraded 5 servers in two months. Hardware and software simultaneously
  • Allowed the business to optimize their productivity creating ZERO downtime
  • Intensive testing and benchmarks are in place to to ensure that something of this magnitude is not needed again

CTO examples

  • Prepared a technology road map for security solutions.
  • Prepared a business continuity plan.
  • Prioritize projects based on value to the company.
  • Oversight of IT contracts, cyber security insurance plans, and PCI compliance

Automate Reporting with Custom Software and BI

  • Modernized client’s paper-based methods for tracking equipment lifecycle.
  • Restructured clients data collection methods with a tailored software solution.
  • Integrated Power BI to produce comprehensive reports, providing a digital snapshot of equipment lifespans and performance metrics.

Installed and configured Security Camera System in Alabama

  • Configured, deployed, and monitor a 15 camera security systems at an industrial site covering approximately 45 acres.
  • Designed camera system, data collection, recording and alarms on a dedicated network for optimal security and performance
  • The plant is now better equipped to work with incoming and outgoing traffic and increased security.
  • Identified a security breach and repaired all vulnerabilities.
  • Crafted a “Security-first” software solution to replace compromised processes.
  • Optimized client processes while restoring secure data processing.
  • Migrated client to new, more secure, software.

Migration to Cloud From On Premise Server Infrastructure

  • A company decided it was time to spread country wide but was unsure of how to keep the IT infrastructure in tact.
  • We did the research and came up with Cloud software solutions for the database, the productivity suite, voice over IP, and file servers.
  • The company has grown from a mom and pop shop in a brick and mortar location to a large company being ran out of a garage office enabling employees and clients to be based anywhere.
  •  Streamlined processes, reducing human error.
  • Improved collaboration among employees.
  • Optimized workflows, reduced material waste.
  • Enhanced the overall quality of services or products.
  • Automate tasks, increase output rates.

Rapid Response, Fiber Optic Repair In The Mud

  • Immediate on-site assessment even in tough conditions.
  • Deployed temporary wireless network in place of severed fiber.
  • Efficient Repair in protective underground enclosure.
  • Higher reliability from moving to an adaptable, interference free network.
  • Rapid response to natural disasters
  • Ransomware recovery of servers and complete format reinstall of workstations
  • Catastrophic server failure recovery
  • Immediate action when assets were reported stolen to prevent unauthorized access to company networks and accounts
  •  Mobile friendly web application.
  • Data is encrypted the moment it leaves the applicants device and stays encrypted until it’s inside the companies network.
  • Streamlined the application process of gathering job applicant while also improving the applicant’s experience.
  • Allows the sharing of potential hires across locations.
  • Improved office productivity by allowing reports from the results of the processes.
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